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Monday, February 07, 2005

Clear Channel Deal in Trouble?

The Richmond-area Clear Channel sports talker, 910 WRNL, just announced that they would be carrying the Atlanta Braves games this season. While this makes sense from the standpoint that the Richmond Braves are the team's AAA affiliate, it would seem that 910 would have been the perfect outlet for Nationals games here in Richmond. With the other sports station, WXGI 950, carrying the R-Braves, that would put the Nats on a non-sports outlet.

I don't think that it's reading too much into this to think that the CC deal with the Nats is all but sunk.


Basil said...

I don't know. I think Atlanta's flagship is also a CC station (and the O's flagship is not, btw), so we might not be able to infer much, other than that 1) 910's management thinks this is a Braves' town, or 2) MLB fooled around too long, and there won't be any kind of network---outside WTEM---for '05.

Hopefully, this is a one-year kind of thing.

Basil said...

Then again . . .

Maybe you were right. According to the Post, 'MAL has jumped into the fray, along with 'JFK still being there. Maybe CC did fall thru.